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First of all, most errors are due to bluetooth and therefore a great place to start should be to switch your bluetooth on and off on each device. Failing that, restarting the ihid.it application on each device.

~ C O M P A T I B I L I T Y ~

ihid.it is compatible with all Macs that came out after 2012 and all iPhones newer than the 4.
This is due to ihid.it using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) a technology that uses a minimal ammount of power. So there is no need to worry about your devices battery being affected.

~ S E T U P ~

Setting up ihid.it is a very straight forward process and should only take a minute.

First you should download the ihid.it IOS app from the App Store. Once downloaded on to your iPhone, open the app and fill in what you want to be your username and password.

Now you have setup ihid.it on your iPhone you need to set it up on your Mac. So first of all download the app from here. After downloading, open the ihidit application and fill in your username and password used to sign up.

Make sure bluetooth is turned on, on both devices.

And you now have ihid.it setup.

~ F A Q ~

I have lost my IOS device. How can I access my hidden files?

Visit this page, enter your username and password and then click the OSX menu bar icon 5 times.

How can I login with a new IOS device to use with my Mac?

Signing up using your current username and password will set you up with a connection to the MAC.

How can I use another IOS device with my Mac app?

Go to the settings page and click the 'Login again' button, where you should enter the login details of the other IOS device.

How can I give access to multiple IOS devices to show my files on my mac?

Unfortunately you can only have one linked IOS device at a time for security reasons.

How can I find out something that isn't mentioned above?

You guessed it... Email Us!




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